Discover Today’s Hottest Money-Making Industry … Along With the Company That Could Be This Sector’s Next Big Breakout!

Currently Under-the-Radar Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) is Helping to Build the Next Generation of Explosive Blockchain Tech Giants!You simply can’t escape the incredible popularity of the blockchain market today. It’s the talk of all the news shows … investing experts are constantly speculating on what’s going to happen next in this market […]

Blockchain Helps Companies Raise their Stock

Companies that get involved in blockchain see increases in stock. We see this happening all over the place, but why? First, let’s take a look at some of the companies seeing this stock increase, then we’ll dig a little deeper into the why.The most recent company to benefit from blockchain involvement is Riot Blockchain Inc. […]

Omnitude Chris Painter Interview | Blockchain Tech & ECommerce

I had the pleasure of chatting with Omnitude’s CEO, Chris Painter, in an exclusive (CCN) interview. Omnitude is a blockchain smart platform that seeks to connect blockchain tech, ECommerce platforms and enterprise systems involved in building end-to-end supply chains. Omnitude can be integrated between various existing systems enables rapid deployment of blockchain technology without companies needing […]

UK Crypto Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Futures Contracts – CoinDesk

A British cryptocurrency exchange is planning to enter the bitcoin futures market. CoinfloorEX, a London-based exchange founded in 2013, announced Wednesday that it would launch bitcoin futures contracts next month, joining a number of other companies to offer such product to their customers, according to Reuters. Notably, unlike some of its competitors, Coinfloor will offer […]

Crypto Is a ‘Crock’? Twitter Reacts to House ICO Hearing – CoinDesk

Despite the overall measured tone among lawmakers at Wednesday’s House subcommittee hearing on initial coin offerings, a few members of the panel made inflammatory statements. Social media users responded in kind. The most incendiary comment came from California Rep. Brad Sherman, who called cryptocurrencies a “crock.” While some Twitter users merely encouraged him to educate himself […]

Google Ban Cryptocurrency Advertising | Following Facebook’s Footsteps

Google Ban Cryptocurrency Advertising – you heard right. There is a possibility that cryptocurrency ads may be banned from the world’s no.1 search engine. According to a recent update in Google’s financial services policy, Google will ban all cryptocurrency related advertising across its entire network of ad products, including third-party sites. The policy specifically lists initial […]