Coinbase Adds ERC20 Support | Are Altcoins On The Way?

Late Monday evening, Coinbase announced its intention to add ERC20 support on its platform. Does this mean that the exchange will be adding more altcoins to its platform in the future? Currently, the exchange supports the buying and selling of only four tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecon (LTC). There have […]

The LitePay Scandal | Where is Litecoin (LTC) Now?

LitePay was supposed to bring new light to Litecoin (LTC). LitePay was not only going to offer a new crypto wallet specific for LTC, but also the LitePay debit card, which users could have used to convert Litecoin into U.S. fiat currency. Instead, ineffectual business handling and less-than-communicative responses have led LitePay to lose its support from […]

Wellsite Announce Blockchain Integration | Launch Crudecoinä Token Sale

Wellsite™ Announces Blockchain Integration and Launch of Crudecoin™ Token Sale New, distributed blockchain application offers innovative ways for upstream energy companies to manage operations  HOUSTON, Texas— Wellsite, a professional network and collaboration platform for the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced a major blockchain initiative for its flagship platform,, with the launch of […]

Twitter Follows Suit | Bans All Crypto Advertising From Its Platform

Cryptocurrency selloff intensified after Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) imposed an advertisement ban on cryptocurrencies and related activities. Following in the footsteps of Google (NYSE:GOOG) and Facebook (NYSE:FB), Twitter management also see advertising of token sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) harmful to consumers. The Twitter ban will also cover ads related to cryptocurrency wallet services and cryptocurrency exchanges. […]