India Crypto Ban | Over 20,000 People Have Signed A Petition Against It

The India Crypto ban isn’t being wholly accepted across the country. The community of cryptocurrency users and blockchain technology enthusiasts have decided to speak out against the decision by the Reserve Bank of India that could endanger crypto trading across the country: “Virtual Currencies (VCs), also variously referred to as cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, raise […]

Big Investors In Crypto | Soros and Rockefeller Enter Crypto Market

Big investors in crypto: George Soros, one of the most successful investors and traders in the history of finance, has approved his team to start operations in crypto-currency to further expand his investment fund. This decision is somewhat surprising, especially since Soros had previously demonstrated a completely “anti-crypto” stance. Until recently, his statements to the […]

Ethereum Is More Popular Than Bitcoin In India | Study Reveals

Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies? Think again.  A study conducted by India’s free internet provider,, has found that ethereum is more popular than bitcoin in India. Bitcoin has been dethroned. To ensure the transparency of its studies, the popular company also published the methodology: “Research was conducted on mobile search traffic and % of Jana’s […]