About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Our Team

Team-BIG have members worldwide. We are raptly growing and helping 100's of people make a success online. We host event and support Online Opportunity Events World Wide..

You have the opportunity to be come part of TEAM-BIG. Our Team have teamed up with a PROVE opportunity, that pays us daily.

Go to Team-BIG Partners to see what our Team-Big have to say.



Our Story

Team-BIG are the brain child of Chell & Shaun.

The two of them met, at a couple of events around London, UK where they came to realize that they have keen interest in the same area of Online Businesses. With both of them having two-different skill set to combine, they would have the ultimate leverage to grow their businesses to an exploding level.

Through their own experience, they know how hard it is for someone new to enter the arena in online opportunities. With this in mind and wealth of skills to help new comers grow and earn a TRUE passive income, lead to birth of Team-BIG.

Instead of just recruiting people and give them little support, Team-BIG focus on helping new comers on a one to one basic. This could be face to face or via Skype or remote connection.

Team-BIG Partners are  our down-line and their down-line to. We have a strong believe that our Network is our Networth. We teach a man to fish, so he can feed himself for a life time.

We have our own requirement:

  1. Consistent Action takers
  2. Committed to reach a target and goals
  3. Coachable learners that want to learn
  4. Focus on one course till successful
  5. Think BIG Dream Big
  6. A BIG Mindset.
  7. Believers that Money Love Speed.

Come and Join Chell & Shaun

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