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Bitcoin lover and Passive Income Earner

Amit Chaturvedi

I love working with Team-BIG.  The weekly team calls are great and the fact that Team-BIG always make time to help me on a one to one basis. Building a passive income through building a network is highly rewarding. My network is now all over the world. I am proud to be part of the events team. Building confidence not just for me but for the guest too. The place to be is with Team-BIG

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Bitcoin lover and Passive Income Earner

Spyros Politis

Big love and thank you, to Team-Big. They helped me in a one to one session to get started. I am truly earning a weekly passive income. As I am an action taker and believer in Team-BIG, I am now part of the London Team-BIG event team and assist at the Coffee meeting. I have learned a lot.


Bitcoin lover and Passive Income Earner

Rai Dutta

I joined Team-BIG for their transparency and loyalty to their customers and network They are always around to help. They gave me a platform to earn a passive income online. I have had the great privilege to be part of their events team here in London, UK. The marketing skill I have gained has boosted my own network.


Bitcoin lover and Passive Income Earner

Christo Eliopoulos

Wow, what a fantastic team to be part of. I am based in South Africa and joined the passive income opportunities of Team-BIG. My Business skill has exploded and now I am the Team-BIG leader in my local area. Great one on one sessions with Team-BIG


Bitcoin lover and Passive Income Earner

Indu Wijayatunga

Joined the amazing Team- BIG in October 2017. Now my path of educating my children at top universities, looking after my parents and travelling is a reality and not just a dream. It’s not what you know but who you know that needs our help as well as generate one’s own passive income. We invest in Bitcoin and invest in long lasting friendships and teamwork to be financially free.


Bitcoin lover and Passive Income Earner




We have creative strategies on Marketing direct sales and Multi Level Marketing opportunities that deliver a phenomenal passive income. Bitcoin is the power we use to create multiple income streams


We are passionate to help individual start and grow a passive income. Working with people across different countries, race and religion help us create strategies that work. We are passionate around bitcoin


You will see from TEAM-BIG Family that we are Awesome. Things that make us Awesome is our passive income opportunities, one one one time, team calls and knowledge of how to turn speed into money


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